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Commercial Insurance in Texas

When you own and operate a physical business in Texas, you have to do more than run the business. You also have to protect it from adverse events that can lead to a lawsuit. Workman's compensation insurance covers your employees in the event they suffer an injury on the job, but that won't include someone who's a customer or visiting the business. We at Armadillo Insurance Agency in Austin, TX can help find you an insurance policy that's appropriate for the type of business you're operating. Here's a look at the different types of commercial liability policies as defined by the state of Texas.

Premises/Operations Coverage

Premises/operations insurance covers injuries and damages to property that were caused by you or your employee's negligence or the result of an unusual incident. This type of policy covers the medical bills for the injured party up to the limits of the amounts set out in the policy. This type of policy lets you operate your business without worrying about fraudulent claims or finding money to cover medical bills.

Products/Completed Operations

In the event your business makes and sells a product to the public, you're at risk of being sued for a defective product. That's not to say you intentionally sell defective products, but if something you make has a fault and injures a customer, you may be liable for the injuries caused by the product. A similar theory applies to companies who provide service to customers. Any faulty work that is performed by the employee and results in injury/damage can incur a lawsuit. The products/completed operations cover these potential liabilities and protect you from a lawsuit.

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Our agents at Armadillo Insurance Agency in Austin, TX understand the liability risks that businesses in Texas face. Give us a call today to find out about how we can help you get protection from unexpected events and get you an insurance policy that's right for your business.

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