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Renters Insurance in Texas

Why Should You Have Renters Insurance in Texas?

There are a few reasons why you need to have renters insurance in Texas. One is that it is required by a variety of property management companies. The requirement is usually for $100,00 of liability insurance, but it can be higher at some properties. Renters insurance can also protect you if the worst happens. If you have a significant loss, are you going to be able to replace your basic necessities? Renters insurance will mean that a personal property loss doesn’t need to come out of your pocket. It’s required by a lot of property management companies because risk goes up when so many people live nearby, such as in an apartment complex.

For example, it can cost $50,000 to redo an apartment after a fire, and that money would be out of your pocket if you were negligent and didn’t have renters insurance. Your landlord will have no responsibility for your personal property, and the only way to have your personal property covered if you suffer a loss is to have renter’s coverage. Your landlord couldn’t insure your property even if he or she wanted to. Liability protection from renters insurance is also there to help you even if you aren’t on the insured premises. It’s there to provide defense costs to a valid claim as well.

Getting Renters Insurance in Texas

You can find renters insurance through an agent at Armadillo Insurance Agency in Austin, TX. There are two common policies in the state. One is HO-4, and it is standard across the country. There is coverage for a variety of named perils and liability coverage. HO-BT is unique to Texas and gives similar coverage, but there are some examples that an HO-4 policy covers that HO-BT doesn’t. It’s important to note there can be flood and wind exclusions. No renter's insurance policy is going to cover flooding, but it’s crucial to be aware of wind exclusions.

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