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Motorcycle Insurance in Texas

Motorcycle Insurance Throughout Texas

If you plan on operating a motorcycle and live in the state of Texas, there’s no getting around it – you need insurance. There are specific minimum liability insurance requirements. Most people call it the 30/60/25. While this basic insurance is required, many motorcycle owners consider adding other protections like personal injury protection (PIP), collision, comprehension, and uninsured or underinsured coverage.

Premiums for motorcycle insurance in Texas are based on several factors, including:

  • Type of motorcycle
  • Accidents or theft
  • Driving record

Is there any way I can save on my motorcycle insurance premiums?

Absolutely. While motorcycle insurance premiums may seem a little pricey, you can save by paying the policy in full, being an active member of a motorcycle club, or taking an approved safety course. You can also bundle your policy with other insurance policies, have safety features, own more than one bike, and many other incentives. Your insurance agent should be able to give you a better idea of the discounts that may be available to you.

Get the insurance you need

Did you know Texas is 3rd in the nation for stolen motorcycles according to a National Insurance Crime Bureau report? That means, depending on the type of bike you have, the likelihood of someone wanting it for themselves is high. Don’t put yourself in the position to walk outside, the bike’s gone, and you have no coverage.

Now that you know you can’t go without insurance, it’s time to work with a team that will find you the best rates. Armadillo Insurance Agency provides top-notch service and the most comprehensive motorcycle insurance options in Austin, TX. Having insurance coverage will keep you out of trouble and protect your investment. If you’re looking for affordable rates, heavily discounted pricing, and a policy designed just for you, call the team at Armadillo Insurance Agency in Austin, TX today!

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