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Does Landlord Insurance Cover Storm Damage?

For those owning an apartment complex or a house rented out to tenants in Austin, TX, ensuring these properties are adequately insured against storm damage is essential. A landlord insurance policy can provide coverage for numerous weather events, but understanding what is and isn’t covered is vital. Let’s shed some light on these intricate details.

Types of Covered Storms

A typical landlord insurance policy covers damage inflicted by several types of storms, including thunderstorms, strong winds, tornadoes, hailstorms, and fires provoked by lightning. Although tornadoes are rare, all these weather events cause significant damage in Austin, TX.

The Exceptions

Landlord insurance does not cover flooding, which may occur due to heavy rain, tropical storms, or hurricanes. You can, however, purchase a separate flood policy if you’re concerned about this risk. Also, landlord insurance does not protect tenants’ personal possessions or vehicles from storm-related losses, as they are responsible for ensuring their belongings are insured independently.

What’s Covered

Landlord insurance is designed to cover the building itself and any items you own, including furnishings or appliances provided by the landlord in a furnished apartment. If severe storm damage forces tenants to move out, your policy may compensate you for the lost rental income. Its liability coverage might also be vital if a tenant gets hurt during a storm and claims inadequate maintenance as a contributory factor.

Securing comprehensive coverage for your property can be complex, but the professionals at Armadillo Insurance Agency can guide you along the process. As an independent local agency, we can find the ideal policy by comparing options from more than ten major insurers, tailored to your specific situation. For further assistance, feel free to contact Armadillo Insurance Agency.