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Making your home a safer place to live

Risks are all around and making your home a safer place has never been more important. Safety in the home involves many things both outside your home and inside. Armadillo Insurance Agency in Austin, TX offers customized and personalized customer service. As an independent insurance agency, we also offer more choices from a variety of top carriers. 

Add a home security system

There has never been a better or easier time to add a home security system to your home. Many of them are DIY and can be done in just a matter of minutes. They are also very affordable, and you can opt for monitoring, or you can monitor your home with your cell phone.  

Use your window and door locks

Your home comes with locks on the doors and windows. They don’t do you much good unless you use them religiously. You should have a bar lock for your slider as well. If you must have an open window, make sure it can’t be opened more than a thin crack that won’t allow someone to climb through. 

Install motion detector lights

With motion detector lights, you will be able to view anyone who approaches your home, and you will also have light when you enter your home. It is a win, win. 

Keep shrubbery away from your house

When you have shrubbery growing close to your home or foundation, you are creating a place for someone to hide. It is safer to keep all areas close to your home free from anything that keeps you from being able to see the area clearly. The more you see, the safer you are. 

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