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Your Custom Home Policy

You weighed your options and decided on an HO-3 home insurance policy. You chose replacement cost over actual cost, and now you need to customize your policy, so it covers everything inside your home, too. 

Your Custom Home Policy

When Armadillo Insurance Agency says home insurance doesn’t come standard, we’re not kidding! Since every Austin TX home differs, so should every Austin, TX’s homeowners’ insurance policy. What you need differs from your neighbors’, so you’ll need to determine the major items requiring extra coverage.

Your HO-3’s policy covers your personal property up to a percentage of the home’s value. That doesn’t cover everything you own to its full value though, unless you have an empty house. This blog explains the customizations you can make to a policy.

First, are you married or engaged? Look at your left hand, if so. Could you afford to replace the rings on it? If not, insure them specifically with a jewelry clause.

Second, do you run a home-based business? You need to add coverage for your business equipment and business liability.
Third, how many hobbies do you and your family have? Do any of them require expensive equipment like a 35 mm camera and film development equipment? You’ll need to add a rider to cover those items.

Fourth, do you or any member of your household engage in sports? The equipment to train for it can cost quite a bit. For example, a home gym or road bike can cost thousands. Add a hobby or toys rider to your policy for these items.

Fifth, do you own any haute couture or designer clothing or suits? Could you afford to replace those $5,000 to $7,000 suits all in one fell swoop? What about those designer dresses you nabbed for a song online? Add extra personal property coverage for their replacement.

Contact Armadillo Insurance Agency in Austin, TX today to learn more about customizing your home insurance policy. It can cover the replacement costs of your personal property, you’ll need to add to its coverage to do so.

A Beginners Guide to Landlords Insurance

If you own a residential property you are renting in Austin, TX, do not assume that your homeowner’s insurance will cover all costs associated with a disaster, accident, or other damaging incidents. It’s highly likely that your homeowners’ insurance policy will only cover owner-occupied homes. As soon as the room is rented out, the coverage no longer applies, and the landlord is responsible for 100% of the costs associated with damages. Luckily, landlord insurance is able to help and includes three key components. Armadillo Insurance Agency can assist you with the details.

Coverage Provided By Landlords Insurance 

  1. Property Damage: This coverage kicks in when your rental property or furnishings are destroyed or damaged in a covered incident such as a fire, natural disaster, electric/gas issue, vandalism, or irresponsible tenants. When searching for a landlord insurance policy look for one that offers replacement cost protection instead of the actual cash value to protect you best. 
  2. Lost Rental Income: If your rental property becomes uninhabitable because of a covered incident, this coverage offers rental reimbursement to cover the rent money you typically receive if tenants are living in residence. 
  3. Liability Protection: Covers the legal and/or medical costs if a tenant or visitor is injured at your rental due to a property maintenance issue or neglect. 

In addition to the three core pieces identified above, landlords have the option to purchase additional coverage for extra peace of mind. The most popular of these add-ons include guaranteed income insurance whereby, if the tenant fails to pay rent or pays less than the amount owed, this policy will cover the difference.

Give the Armadillo Insurance Agency a call for more information on landlord insurance in Austin, TX. We’ll take the time to answer all your questions and customize a policy that best meets your needs. 

How To Know If Flood Insurance is Required

You’ve likely heard of flood insurance, but might be unsure whether it is needed. Floods are the most commonly occurring natural disaster in the United States with only a few inches of water needed to cause extensive damage to your home and belongings. Flooding can be caused by a myriad of conditions including heavy rains, hurricanes, spring thaws, and the rapid accumulation of rain post wildfire. If your home is in a FEMA designated high-risk flood area and you have a mortgage on the property, then your lender is legally regulated to require that you carry flood insurance. 

Generally speaking, your homeowner’s insurance will not cover flood damage so you’ll need to purchase a separate policy. Flood insurance is issued via the National Flood Insurance Program and managed by FEMA or can be purchased via a private insurer. Moderate to low risk flood areas are designated via the letters B, C, and X on FEMA flood maps while high-risk flood areas begin with the letters A or V. 

Given that the risk of floods can change rapidly, FEMA works on an ongoing basis with communities around the United States to identify, map, and update flood risk. At Armadillo Insurance Agency in Austin, TX, we’ll work diligently to help identify if flood insurance is required in your area. Additionally, even if flood insurance is not federally mandated, we’ll help outline the pros and cons of having the coverage so you can make an informed decision. Give us a call today to learn more and schedule an appointment with an insurance professional. 

What You Need to Know About Commercial Insurance

As a business owner, you have invested both time and money in your company. One of the best ways to protect these investments is through a solid commercial insurance plan. The professionals at Armadillo Insurance Agency can help you better understand how this insurance product benefits business owners in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas. 

What Is Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance is a unique insurance product designed to meet the needs of business owners. There are many layers to the day-to-day operation of your business and each layer needs its own unique type of protection. Getting an individual policy for different aspects of your business can be both expensive and confusing. A commercial insurance policy will bundle together all of the types of coverage you need to protect your company and assets. 

What Does Commercial Insurance Provide?

Because each company is different, commercial policies can be customized to suit your particular needs, but in general, a commercial policy will cover the following areas:

  • Auto- If your business uses vehicles, you will want quality auto insurance to protect both vehicles and drivers. 
  • Property Damage- If you run a brick and mortar establishment you will need property damage coverage in the event that your property or equipment is damaged.
  • Liability Coverage- Business owners face a high risk of liability from both employees and customers. Liability coverage will pay for any expenses resulting from a liability situation. 

If you would like to learn more about commercial insurance, or if you would like to discuss any of our other insurance services, please contact us at Armadillo Insurance Agency, serving Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas. 

Stay Protected With Home Insurance

Home insurance protects you in a number of ways. It’s an important form of financial protection that every homeowner needs to have. If you need a home insurance policy, call us today at Armadillo Insurance Agency in Austin, TX to find out more. 

Protection for Your House

When you have home insurance, it offers powerful protection for your house itself. If the house is damaged or destroyed in a covered incident, your home insurance will pay for the repairs or the complete rebuilding of the house. This protects your biggest asset from damage that can happen due to a number of different circumstances. When something happens to damage your house, repairs can be extremely costly. That’s why it’s so important to have this insurance. 

Protection for Your Possessions

If something happens to damage your belongings that are inside the house, this coverage can pay to have them repaired or replaced. When you add up everything inside your house, it comes to a huge amount of money. Replacing all of that would be beyond the budget of most people. With your home insurance policy, all of that can be paid for without it coming from your own pocket.

Protection for Your Liability

When someone comes to your home and has an accident there, you may be liable for the resulting medical bills as well as other costs. With liability protection, the policy pays for those bills that you’re liable for so that you don’t have to. This also means that it’s much less likely that you will be sued, as it will be the policy that owes for the bills. 

Get Home Insurance 

To find out more about home insurance, give us a call at Armadillo Insurance Agency in Austin, TX to talk to an agent about this type of insurance coverage.

What Types of Insurance Do You Need as a Landlord

If you are a landlord, there are many hats that you have to wear. However, as a landlord, you also need to look out for yourself. You need to protect your investment, as well as yourself. For this reason, you need to make sure that you have enough insurance to cover your real estate business. 

So, what do you need? Here are the types of insurance that you need for your business. 

Basic landlord insurance is like homeowners insurance. It is used to cover any damage that may occur to your property. Liability is also included. This will help you if anyone gets injured on your property. It will also cover legal bills if you get sued due to injuries. You may also have some loss of income coverage. 

Building code insurance. You may want to look into this type of insurance. This could be a lifesaver if you need to update your building to make sure that it is up to code. This will help to cover these expenses, which can be quite expensive. 

Non-occupied dwelling coverage. Though most basic plans will cover loss of income, the truth is that they won’t cover it indefinitely. It may help you pay your bills if the building is unoccupied for a month or so. This extra coverage will protect your investment for an extended period of time. 

If you truly want to make sure that you have enough insurance and are fully protected, you may want to talk to a professional. Here in Austin, TX, you need to contact us at Armadillo Insurance Agency. We would be glad to talk to you about your options. 

Flood Insurance Guide To Help Texas Residents Find Coverage

Armadillo Insurance Agency provides coverage to the Austin, TX community. We help our clients find policies to protect their assets. We pride ourselves on offering the best customer service possible. We will help you assess your options and find coverage that aligns with your future.

Flood Insurance Guide To Help Texas Residents Find Coverage

As an Austin, TX resident, you are likely aware of the potential damage that flooding can cause. The South is prone to bouts of severe weather that could wipe out everything. In the aftermath of a hurricane, flooding may occur throughout the area. Consider the benefits of flood insurance. Flood insurance covers your property if it is damaged due to severe flooding in the area. Check to see if your home is included in a designated flood zone. Designated flood zones are areas that are likely to experience flooding at some point over a 12-month span. Even if your home isn’t a designated flood zone, Texas is home to unpredictable weather. Something could still happen when you least expect it, which is why flood insurance is an asset.

Keep in mind though that there is a difference between flood damage and other water damage. Flood damage is caused by an excess of water throughout the area. Your home may also be damaged due to drainage issues, a busted pipe, or a sewer backup. In most cases, flood insurance does not cover your home in these circumstances. Research the policy carefully before making a decision.

Armadillo Insurance Agency Can Help You Protect Your Assets

Visit our website to learn more information about flood insurance.

4 Fall Cleaning Tips for Austin, TX from Armadillo Insurance Agency

As the winter cold starts to creep in, Summer is fading out and Fall is in the air. That means it’s time to clean your home from top to bottom. Something about a complete refresh simply can’t be beaten. Here are four cleaning tips to get the job done.

1. Create a Cleaning Calendar

There are a lot of nooks and crannies in your home that don’t get regular attention. It’s a lot to get done, and you’ll need a schedule to keep the family in line. A cleaning calendar keeps everyone accountable for their chores. 

2. Make a "Sell" Pile

Everybody has clutter. Getting rid of the junk you don’t use anymore is a crucial part of a good cleaning. Whether you have a yard sale out front, donate it to charity, or start auctioning it off on eBay, get stuff out of the house.

3. Clean Your Home’s Air

One of the most important things to clean in your home is the air. Changing air filters and upgrading to HEPA and/or activated carbon goes a long way to improving health. In fact, NASA has a list of houseplants that act as air purifiers. You can even bring some flowers into the house for a natural potpourri. 

4. Update Your Insurance

It’s not just your home – you should clean up your finances at least once a year too. With tax season upon us, updating all your paperwork is a good idea. Since you just sold a bunch of junk, your insurance coverages could use a second look too.

Fall cleaning can become a tradition. It’s a necessity. Contact Armadillo Insurance Agency today to clean up your insurance policy in Austin, TX.

How Commercial Insurance Can Protect an Austin Business

If you are in the Austin, TX area, you likely continue to notice an increase in population and a strong local economy. While these factors can make it a great place to live, Austin is also a great place for someone to start a business. If you are going to start a business in Austin, or anywhere else, you need to make sure that you are protecting it as well as possible. For those that are in Austin, one of the best ways to do this is by getting a commercial insurance policy as it can protect a business in many ways. 

Ensures Liability Risk is Covered

One way that a commercial insurance policy can protect a company is by making sure that liability risk is covered. No matter what your business does or sells, you will always have some level of liability risk. If you are sued for liability, you will want to make sure that you have proper coverage in place. A commercial insurance will give you the liability coverage you need.

Protects Assets

Starting a business requires you to invest capital to acquire assets. If these assets are ever damaged or destroyed, it could be bad for your company. A full commercial insurance policy will protect your assets in these situations. 

When you want to protect your Austin, TX area business, getting a commercial insurance policy is one of the best things that you can do. Since there are a lot of complexities that come with choosing this form of insurance policy, you should reach out to the team at Armadillo Insurance Agency as soon as you can. The insurance professionals at Armadillo Insurance Agency can help you to better assess your business risks and get into a policy that mitigates these as well as possible.